What is TRIactive? 



Two-thirds of Australian adults do not meet the minimum guidelines for physical activity participation, whilst 83% of Victorian parents believe they have a big influence on how physically active their kids are (VicHealth, Life Stages 2017).

Triathlon is a sport that anyone can take part in and the 6-week TRIactive program has been designed for beginner triathletes who want to increase their levels of exercise in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment designed to help participants achieve the goal of completing their first mini triathlon, but who don't really know how to get started in the sport.

This twice-weekly exercise program reduces the perceived barriers to doing triathlon by encouraging participation through swim, bike, run…and fun!

For clubs and coaches, TRIactive is a resourced and supported program, created by Triathlon Victoria, that can help grow new membership and revenue streams whilst also providing existing members with an ideal starting point to begin coaching. 



As part of your involvement in the TRIactive program, Triathlon Victoria provides you with:

  • 6-weeks of session plans for beginner triathletes (12 sessions).
  • Technical / educative resources that act as weekly ‘touch points’ for the coach to provide to all participants (e.g. Adult pre-exercise screening tool, FAQs, correct bike helmet fitting etc.).
  • TRIactive timeline tool to establish key program set-up dates.
  • TRIactive program budget tool to assist coaches with planning program finances.
  • Log-in access to the Coaches Portal on the TRIactive website where the above noted resources are available.
  • A digital marketing resource pack branded with your logo and accompanied by a “How to…” marketing guide.
  • Your program listed on the TRIactive website and a registration listing on ACTIVEworks.com
  • Live support from Triathlon Victoria as participants register for your TRIactive program, plus assistance throughout the initial planning phase.


  • TRIactive coaches & clubs that choose to take on the TRIactive program will be required to:

  • Attend and successfully complete Triathlon Victoria’s one-day TRIactive Coach Training Program to receive a national accreditation to deliver the TRIactive program.
  • Identify a mini-triathlon race for the program to finish in.
  • Identify, and liaise with, facilities provider as required (for pool and spin studio hire, plus promotion of the program).
  • Use the timeline tool to plan a marketing timeline leading to program start date.
  • Local area marketing of the TRIactive program (using the “digital marketing resource pack branded with your logo” provided by TV).
  • Deliver one swim and one spin bike/run session weekly for 6 weeks finishing with the race event on the weekend of week 6.
  • Weekly contact with, and support of, the registered program participants via the program resources as provided.
  • Attendance and support on race day wherever possible.
  • Contact all participants during the week following the program to seek feedback around future triathlon participation plans.
  • Participate in a short feedback session with Triathlon Victoria within two weeks of program completion.

If you have any questions, you can head over to our FAQ page. Alternatively, you can contact Rob Ward, Triathlon Victoria Clubs & Programs Manager on membership@vic.triathlon.org.au or (03) 9598 8686. 

Ready to register your program and start someone on their TRIactive journey? Head over to our REGISTER page and get your program started.