Do I need a bike to take part in the TriActive training sessions?

No you don't need a bike to take part as all the bike sessions are held on spin bikes with the aim of developing some bike-specific fitness and leg strength without the inherent dangers of riding on busy roads. However, you will need a roadworthy bike in order to take part on event day.

I'm not confident about riding a bike on the roads.

Don't worry about road confidence and riding in traffic. All the TriActive bike sessions are held indoors on spin bikes (as noted above) and on event day, the bike leg of the triathlon is held on roads closed to traffic so it will be safe!

I don't have an expensive flashy bike, in fact my bike is rubbish; can I still enter the event?

You definitely don't need an expensive bike to take part in the mini-triathlon event that rounds off the program and on the day there will be a wide variety of road bikes and off-road bikes of all different styles.

Your bike MUST be roadworthy with good brakes, tyres and serviceable moving parts. We would also recommend that if you are borrowing one from a friend or family member (which is fine!), that you ensure in advance that it is safe and the correct size for you. Your coach will be able to give you good advice on the basics of bike sizing if you need it.

Do I need a helmet for the day of the triathlon event?

Yes, you cannot take part in the event without a correctly fitting bike helmet.