Run + Ride + Run

What happens when you take the swimming out of a triathlon, and replace it with a run? You get a duathlon!

Whether you’re a keen runner or just ready to try something new, duathlons are an excellent way to get active, fit & healthy with friends! Find out why duathlons are perfect for young and old below.


1. You don’t need much equipment - taking out one leg of a traditional triathlon means that all you need is a road-safe bike, a helmet and a pair of runners. Really not much to it at all!

2. No experience required – just like a triathlon, you don’t need any experience to take part in duathlon. Your TRIactive program will give you all the running and riding skills you need to take part, just rock up on race day and give it a go!

3. Take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather – duathlons usually run in the springtime, ahead of the summer triathlon season. Get outside and enjoy the crisp spring air and bright blue skies, while getting active and having fun.

4. Fun for the whole family – duathlons have a bit of a reputation of bringing the family-friendly atmosphere. Often hosted by your local club, there’s often racing at all levels, including kids, which means the whole family get in on the action!

So what are you waiting for? Swap your bathers for runners and let’s get ready for a duathlon!

Unleash your inner beginner with TRIactive!

Meet the Coach - Barb Augustin

Ever wondered who the people are that run the TRIactive sessions? We caught up with Queen’s Park TRIactive Coach, Barb Augustin earler this week to find out why she loves coaching triathlon and TRIactive.

Barb2 (002).JPG

How long have you been coaching triathlon for? I’ve been a triathlon coach for over 15 years. Prior to that I was a snow skiing instructor for three years and also worked in sports administration (Victorian Ski Association) for a few years. In addition to being a triathlon coach, I am also a swimming, cycling and running coach.

What inspired you to get involved in TRIactive as a coach? I love introducing people to triathlon and helping people improve.

What drew you to TRIactive? It’s a fantastic way to get started in triathlon.

What are you most looking forward to about coaching TRIactive at Queens Park? I’m looking forward to seeing the smiles on the participants faces when they achieve something they thought was beyond them.

What would you say to someone who told you they were thinking of tackling the TRIactive program? Do it! Now!

Unleash your inner beginner with TRIactive!

First Time TRI? No on!

Becoming a triathlete is a lot less complicated than you think and there's one key point to keep in mind on race day...everyone has been a nervous first-time beginner! Even world champions started at the beginning! So, with that in mind it's normal to be nervous and will keep you sharp for your first event and the sense of achievement you'll feel as you tear across the finish line with both arms aloft is worth every stroke, revolution and step!


Top Tips for Banishing the Race-Day Nerves.

You are not the only first-timer! There will be plenty of people participating in their first triathlon and of course there will also be your TRIactive comrades and you'll naturally encourage each other along and provide support and confidence-inspiring banter!

You will receive support and encouragement from the off! You'll be supported and encouraged from the race briefing right through to the finish line. If you have a technical question, there will be plenty of Technical Officials and other volunteers on hand to help you and as you make your way around the course you will be aware of the encouragement from those watching on.

You don't need lots of flashy gear! It's all about you feeling comfortable, so regular exercise kit will be just fine. You'll definitely need bathers and goggles and your bike can be a flat handlebar with a basket, but it must be roadworthy. After that, all you need is a supportive pair of comfortable trainers to run in...and you'll be across the finish line before you know it!

Let your TRIactive training carry you through to the finish line! TRIactive is delivered by accredited coaches and by the time you get to race day you will have completed 6-weeks of confidence-building training that will ensure you can rise and conquer in your first triathlon.

Your TRIactive coach will have helped develop your understanding of the TRI process for race day and your preparation and confidence should be spot on, so just relax and enjoy the occasion and feel free to smile throughout...except during the swim of course!

Unleash your inner beginner and get TRIactive today!

Top Tips to Get You TRIactive

Life is busy, but there are plenty of ways to build physical activity into our lives and being more active is easier than you may think. Start by incorporating activity into your daily routine and TRI being organized to maximise your TRIactive experience.

Top Tips to Get You Started.

1. Enlist some support - Sharing is more fun and so ask a friend, a partner or a work colleague to sign up for the program to boost confidence and make it an even more sociable experience. Exercise, feel good and catch up with friends all at once!



2. Kit concerns? - There is no need to be worried about the need to have fancy kit during the TRIactive program as the sessions are held in swimming pools and on spin bikes. Your essentials are bathers and goggles for the swim and then comfortable trainers and regular exercise clothing for the spin/run session. No Lycra required!

3. Pace yourself - If it's been a while since you exercised regularly, don't worry! Your TRIactive coach will gauge how the group are going from the first session and ensure that participants get the most out of sessions by making them challenging, but achievable.

4. Speak to your coach - As the program unfolds you will notice your confidence in the pool increasing and your pacing on the spin bike improving too. However, if you feel you aren't progressing, don't bottle it up! Discuss any issues with your coach and group members as the spirit of TRIactive is creating an environment that is challenging, but safe, inclusive, fun and rewarding don't be shy.

5. Set achievable goals - Whether it's swimming one more length of the pool or pedaling the spin bike in a higher than previous gear, small and achievable goals will help you progress, feel rewarded and have fun!

6. Enjoy yourself! - Perhaps the most important thing of all during the TRIactive program is that you enjoy yourself and have fun! You may find some sessions harder than others - even a bad night's sleep can cause that - but taking small steps and having fun is all you need to do and that should come naturally with TRIactive.

Unleash your inner beginner and get TRIactive today!

First Time TRIactive Participant Profile: Jayme

Jayme recently competed in her first triathlon, got a second under her belt almost immediately and then came back for a third only a few weeks later! Jayme got into triathlon through TRIactive!


Something interesting you'd like to share about yourself: I just completed my first Tri :-) I recently moved to Melbourne and thought this was a great way to meet people.

Had you previously considered doing a triathlon? Yes, it's always been something I had wanted to do, but didn't have the confidence.

What specifically attracted you to the TRIactive program? I had no idea where to start or what was involved. Having coaches and others to train with was fantastic and a great way to keep motivated.

What was the most memorable/enjoyable aspect of your TRIactive training experience? The wonderful coaches and group I trained with. Everyone was extremely positive and supportive of one another.

What was the highlight of your race-day experience? Seeing my family cheering me on at the finish line.

What did your family/friends think? They were all very proud.

What would you say to someone who told you they were thinking of tackling the TRIactive program? Give it a go! You won't regret it.

Have you taken your tri-experience further since completing the TRIactive program? Yes. I have signed up for the next Active Tri race.

Unleash your inner beginner with TRIactive!