Run + Ride + Run

What happens when you take the swimming out of a triathlon, and replace it with a run? You get a duathlon!

Whether you’re a keen runner or just ready to try something new, duathlons are an excellent way to get active, fit & healthy with friends! Find out why duathlons are perfect for young and old below.


1. You don’t need much equipment - taking out one leg of a traditional triathlon means that all you need is a road-safe bike, a helmet and a pair of runners. Really not much to it at all!

2. No experience required – just like a triathlon, you don’t need any experience to take part in duathlon. Your TRIactive program will give you all the running and riding skills you need to take part, just rock up on race day and give it a go!

3. Take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather – duathlons usually run in the springtime, ahead of the summer triathlon season. Get outside and enjoy the crisp spring air and bright blue skies, while getting active and having fun.

4. Fun for the whole family – duathlons have a bit of a reputation of bringing the family-friendly atmosphere. Often hosted by your local club, there’s often racing at all levels, including kids, which means the whole family get in on the action!

So what are you waiting for? Swap your bathers for runners and let’s get ready for a duathlon!

Unleash your inner beginner with TRIactive!