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What is TRIactive?

TRIactive is a 6-week program of 12 swim & bike/run sessions that ends with participants completing a mini triathlon.

TRIactive emphasises participation, enjoyment, inclusion and safety and is an ideal starting point for beginners and those looking to be more active, learn new skills and tackle a fresh challenge.

How is TRIactive different from other beginner triathlon programs?

  • The program is fully resourced for coaches and participants with session plans, FAQs, how-to guides and marketing assets, all carrying the endorsement of Triathlon Australia (TA).
  • Session content is written specifically for beginners to multisport, with the training taking place on spin bikes safely away from the roads.
  • Your TRIactive program receives national exposure on and is provided with a standardised registration through ACTIVE Works - Endurance.
  • You receive program support from your state TRIactive Coordinator.

What coaching resources does TRIactive provide?

  • A TRIactive timeline and budget tool that supports the program planning and cost calculation process.
  • 6-weeks of content (12 sessions) and a suite of supporting documents to act as weekly information ‘touch points’ for participants (bike check, helmet fit, etc).
  • Digital marketing assets and implementation guides accessed via the coach’s login portal on

What costs are associated with delivering TRIactive?

  • Triathlon Victoria provides coaches with indicative costs, however, these are largely dependent upon coaching fees and hire rates for facilities used.
  • Using the TRIactive budget tool, coaches can calculate the bottom line by entering pool and spin hire expenses and the race entry fee to arrive at an overall program charge.
  • $20 from each program participant fee is returned to Triathlon Victoria to reinvest in further development and program marketing.

How do participants register and pay for TRIactive?

Your state TRIactive Coordinator will list your TRIactive program on which automatically links to the ACTIVE Works - Endurance platform where participants register and pay.

Who can coach/deliver the TRIactive program?

Anyone who has completed the TRIactive Coach Training Program (one-day).

What is the TRIactive Coach Training program?

The TRIactive Coach Training Program is the endorsed learning and assessment module that provides participants with TA Coaching Certification to deliver the TRIactive program.

How do I attend this program?

Contact your state TRIactive Program Coordinator for details of forthcoming program dates or visit the Triathlon Victoria website here.