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TRIactive is a twice weekly, group-exercise program for beginner triathletes that runs for 6 weeks and is designed for people who want to increase their levels of exercise through swim, bike and run. TRIactive has been developed for adults who would like to be a bit more active and take on the new challenge of triathlon, but don't really know how to get started.

Triathlon is a sport that anyone can take part in and the aim of TRIactive is to encourage you to participate in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment with like-minded people in a twice-weekly exercise programme designed to help you achieve the goal of completing your first mini triathlon consisting of a 300 metre swim, an 8 km bike ride and a 2 km run. You can do that...Yes You Can!


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First time TRI?

No worries....read on!


Top 10 tips to get you

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First time TRIactive Participant Profile: Jayme