I'm not very fit and haven't run properly in ages. Will I cope with the training?

Yes you will be fine as the running part of the program will start with the basics of brisk walking interspersed by short jogs and will be developed from there by your coach to gradually include more running than walking until before you know where you are...you're running along quite happily!

Do I have to wear Lycra, or can I do the running part of the programme in my normal exercise clothing?

You definitely don't have to wear Lycra! You can wear whatever you are comfortable in during each part of the program and we would recommend that you take part in the same clothing that you usually wear for exercise.

Can I walk during the run on event day?

Yes of course! On the day itself, it is "your" event and we want you to complete it in whatever way you feel most comfortable and capable and that may involve some running and walking combined, or just walking briskly combined with short runs. It is whatever you want to do on the day...you will still feel great as you cross the finish line!

Do I need "special" running shoes to take part in the program and then the event?

The main part of running is ensuring that you have footwear that is not only comfortable, but trainers that fit and support your feet correctly. This doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money on new trainers. However, as a minimum we would recommend that you run in trainers that are not worn at the heel as this will reduce the support to your foot and ankle, but also don't buy brand new trainers and run in them on race day for the first time as all trainers need to be gently "worn in". Your coach will be able to give you good advice at the start of your program if you have any footwear specific questions.

I have to wear inserts (orthotics) in my trainers; can I still run with these in?

Definitely, yes! If you wear inserts to correct a subtle change in you gait pattern, (this is very common as many people have a walking pattern where their feet pronate or supinate), then you should always wear these inserts during the program and again for the day of the event. This will be perfectly normal for you and so don't change anything!