Will I be taught to swim as part of the TriActive program?

No you will need to be able to swim in order to participate in the TriActive program. However, you do not need to be an especially strong swimmer or able to swim very far. The sessions will give you more confidence in the water and build up a little swim fitness with the aim of allowing you to complete the swim leg of a mini triathlon.

Can I still take part if I can only swim a few lengths?

Definitely, yes! The TriActive programme caters for low exercisers and even if you only swim a few gentle lengths occasionally, it will provide you with a starting point from which to develop and your program coach will help you gain confidence and strength in the water every week.

I am nervous about swimming within a group of people in the sea. Will I get advice about this?

Your coach will have experience to pass on to you in order to ensure you are prepared for event day and on the day itself, you will quite likely be starting in a smaller less competitive group. There will also be an open water swim session at the end of your 6-week training period and this will help familiarise you with having other swimmers around you in the water.

What swimming equipment do I need to take part in TriActive?

You only need the basic essentials to take part because the swimming sessions are held in pools until the final week when an open-water swim session is planned. The essentials are a swimsuit that you are comfortable swimming in, plus a pair of goggles that fit you correctly to prevent water getting in your eyes. It's also a good idea to get used to wearing a swim cap as you will be provided with one on event day that you will have to wear, so have one you can use for the sessions too.

Do I need a wet suit?

No you do not need a wet suit to take part in TriActive as all the swim sessions are held in 25m or 50m swimming pools. However, if you already own a wet suit or can borrow one that fits you correctly, you may wish to wear it on the day of the event and can take advice from your TriActive coach.

Can I hire a wet suit?

Yes you can and your TriActive coach should have local contacts that they can connect you with to inquire.